Stainless Frying Pan

A Stainless frying pan is usually light in its overall weight, relatively easy to keep clean, and a stainless frying pan rarely tarnishes. As a result, most foods do not burn very easily on the stainless surface, which ultimately, makes for a quick clean up.

Constant Movement

When holding a stainless frying pan directly over an open stove flame or placing it inside of an oven, the cook must always be careful to keep the frying pan moving or change its cooking position regularly. This is because the stainless material does not distribute evenly, and food can be compromised as a result of the stainless material.

Added Materials

The best way to purchase a new stainless frying pan is to make sure that the bottom surface of the stainless frying pan has a mixture or some sort of combination of copper or aluminum component that can help to move heat evenly rather than just in a few spots of the pan.

Used for All

Overall, stainless frying pans are widely received in kitchens of professional chefs, as well as those of everyday homemakers. Stainless is built to last for years and typically will not dull or become damaged, thus making it an advantageous pan to have in any kitchen.