Stainless Steel Cookers

From roasters and soup kettles to multifunctional units and countertop rice makers, stainless steel cookers are found across the small appliance spectrum. Whether stainless steel comprises the exterior shell of the unit, the cooking insert, or other components, numerous countertop cookers feature the stylish metal. Brands including Deni, Presto, Zojirushi and Fagor among many others incorporate stainless steel into the design of their products. Both in terms of practicality and aesthetics, stainless steel is hard to top.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

When one thinks of stainless steel, common impressions range from a mirror-like shine to an all-inclusive material that goes well with any decor. The type of steel is also well known for its resistance to rust and corrosion. What is not often considered is that stainless steel is a completely non-reactive metal, meaning that no matter what the food, whether alkaline or acidic in nature, the metal won't disrupt the flavors. Stainless steel also won't scratch or dent very easily.

Stainless Steel Cooking Applications

Stainless steel is a commonly-used material for stovetop cookware. Because it does not conduct heat as well as other metals, stainless steel cookware features an encapsulated disc of aluminum or copper to better distribute heat. On cookers, stainless steel may be used as the main component of removable inserts, lids, handles, rims and outer bodies.