Stainless Steel Undermount Sink Installation

What You'll Need
Stainless steel undermount sink
Drill and drill bit

A stainless steel undermount sink is probably one of the most difficult things that a homeowner will ever have to install in the kitchen. If you have no training as a plumber, the design of the sink can mean that you struggle to mount it into your kitchen area. There are no edges to the undermount, so you need to have a very solid countertop, perhaps one of granite or marble, in order to protect them from water damage. If you wish to have a stainless steel undermount sink in your kitchen, then you might consider having a professional install it for you. However, if you have some basic home improvement skills, and want to have a go at installing it yourself, following a few simple guidelines can help you to save money while still getting the perfect stainless steel sink for your kitchen.

Step 1 - Buying a Sink

The most important thing you can do to prepare for installing an undermount sink is to ensure that you get the best available. A double-sink might be too difficult for you to fix, while a single one can be perfect. You should also take advice on your countertop, for example whether it is suitable for use with an undermount sink, and whether a hole can be cut into this suitable for the style of undermount sink you would like.

Step 2 - Cutting a Hole

Once you have purchased your sink, you will need to cut a hole into the countertop. Most sinks come with some assembly advice, so make sure that you mark this clearly on the surface you will be cutting. The best way of cutting the holes is to make some marks with masking tape, laying out where the holes should be made, and then tracing around the holes with a drill. A 3/8 inch drill bit is the best for making the kind of holes you need. Once you have marked the entire outline with the drill, finish off using a saw. You should also take the opportunity to drill out any mounting holes which should also be marked on the template.

Step 3 - Mounting the Sink

Once you are ready, apply a layer of caulking to the underside of the space you have just cut in your countertop. This will aid you in keeping the undermount sink in place, and water tight. Leave this caulking to partially dry, so that it is tacky to the touch, and then place the undermount sink onto it, pushing firmly. Use your screwdriver to screw in the bolts, pushing them through the holes drilled for the mounting nails, and screwing them into place. If caulking is squeezed through to the top of the counter, wipe this away using a clean cloth. Once the screws are in place, add any plumbing features such as taps or pipes and then leave the sink alone for a day, in order to allow the caulking to completely dry. When you first run water through it, check for leaks or drips before using on a regular basis.