Stair Assembly Kits for Outdoor Decks

Many times when you are doing a project it is much more realistic to find a kit for it, like with stair assembly. If you just built your deck or are looking to update your old stairs, then a stair assembly kit might be the right choice for your project. Here are a few things you will want to know when choosing the kit for you.


The best part of the kit is that they often come with a DVD to help you with installation. You can watch beforehand to get a sense of what to do before you begin with the instructions in hand. Also included are a handrail, hardware and balusters, which are the posts that hold up the handrail. You will however need to have your own tools when putting together the kits as they often do not come with them.


Depending on the style, material and many times the size of the deck and staircase that you want to install the price is going to vary greatly. However at lower end of the spectrum would be about $1000 and the higher end would be closer to $8000. When choosing a deck if price is a big issue you will want to go with a cheaper material so that the stair kit will be cheaper. Wood is often times less expensive than metal is. Also, when they charge you for the stair kit, sometimes it depends on the number of steps in the kit and that may cause the price to go up or down. Considering a larger space in between your steps may help save on cost.


You can almost always find a stair kit that will work with the size of your deck. Most kits have models that will expand or minimize to fit the right size for your deck. The typical height for the deck stair kits is about 8 to 10 feet. However they have these kits so that they will expand to around 12 or even 14 feet and minimize to around 6 feet for those with a shorter deck. You can also use each kit typically for round, square and even mezzanine.

Another type of kit may vary in step number so that you can determine and pick out how many steps you are going to need for your deck and project. Often this will effect not only the number of steps but also the amount of space that you have between them.

The bottom line is that stair assembly kits for decks are a great choice for most people who are building or remodeling. Unless you are an experienced builder, the kit can save you from a huge headache. The best idea is to start out with a measurement for the deck and go from there. You will have to consider the number and spacing for steps as well as the shape of your stairway. Once you are done building you can sit back and enjoy your work.