Staking Large Hollyhock Flowers

Staking large hollyhock flowers will be a necessity if you plan to grow this old fashioned beauty in your garden. Some varieties of these flowers can grow to over 6 feet tall and when in bloom the stalks can become very top heavy and snap off easily in wind.


Staking the large holly hock flowers isn't a difficult job, but to keep your garden looking nice plan ahead on what you use to do this job and to keep the stakes from showing in the garden and becoming an eyesore. Hollyhocks are traditionally planted in large clusters and left to spread on their own, which they will readily do. They are also usually planted as a backdrop to other lower growing flowers so may be against a fence. If this is the situation in your garden then staking the large flowers will be just a matter of securing them to slats of your fence with zip ties, strips of nylon stockings or jute rope. Be very careful to tie them loosely about half way up the stalk and pull them snugly against the fence. Do not cut into the stem as it will kill the plant.

Types of Stakes

Large metal stakes use to prop up Asiatic lillies and other top heavy plants may also be used and since these are normally green vinyl over steel, are almost invisible in your garden. Be sure the stake is at least half the height of the hollyhock.

Bamboo sticks that are commonly used in gardens would also work well for hollyhocks and not be an eyesore. They have a very natural look and age well, resisting water and sun damage.

When to Stake

Stake your large hollyhock flowers when they are around 2 to 3 feet tall as it is easier to work with them then and that is most likely about half of their growth.