Stamped Concrete Patio Color: Complimenting Your Home Stamped Concrete Patio Color: Complimenting Your Home

Adding color and texture to your stamped concrete patio is much easier than you might think. All sorts of resources exist to help you with your choice of design, color and finish. Here are suggestions on how to choose color for your patio that will complement your home and landscape.

Determine How You Will Use Your Patio Area

If your patio will be just for entertaining, choose an elegant finish just one or two shades lighter than the color of your house, whether brick or siding. If your children and their friends will play, eat and romp on the patio, choose a darker color with more surface texture to conceal stains.

Complement Your Existing Landscape Features

If you have brick-paved yard paths, choose a contrasting finish, like a large square tile for the patio, and edge it with a stamped brick template. Select a natural stone color and texture stamp if your garden features are rimmed in natural stone. If your patio borders the pool, add polyethylene beading to your patio sealer for a safe, non-slip surface.

Range of Colors

Colors for stamped concrete patios range from pearly whites through reds and browns, and even blue and green shades. Visit a concrete finishing dealer near you to see model landscapes and samples before deciding.

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