Stamped Concrete Pool Decks: Pros and Cons

Stamped concrete pool decks are becoming more popular in the industry today. This type of pool deck can be very attractive and many homeowners are turning to it. However, as with anything that you buy, there are a few potential drawbacks as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of stamped concrete pool decks.


One of the biggest advantages of stamped concrete pool decks is the look that they provide. With this type of pool deck, you can create a completely customized look. They can do practically any design that you can imagine with a stamped concrete pool deck. This allows you to be creative and work with your contractor to come up with the best look for your pool deck.

Another advantage of stamped concrete pool decks is that they are relatively inexpensive. When compared with other options that you have, stamped concrete will be one of the least expensive options that is available. Concrete is much cheaper than using stone or tile which is also common with pool decks. In addition to that, the labor will be much less expensive also. This means that you can get a good looking pool deck without having to invest a large amount of money.

The maintenance of stamped concrete is also very simple compared to that associated with other materials. You will not have to worry about grout lines or any other gaps between materials. The concrete is a big slab, so it is very easy for you to both seal and clean. You can occasionally use a power washer to deep clean the concrete. This is a very simple process that can be done by anyone.


One of the biggest potential problems with stamped concrete pool decks is the fact that the concrete has a good chance of cracking over time. Many people also make the mistake of trying to repair the crack after it has occurred. This often ends up creating an eyesore that looks worse than just a simple crack.

Another potential problem with stamped concrete is that you may be unable to add onto it in the future. One of the problems with concrete is that it is very difficult to match colors exactly. This is even more true if you have dye added to the concrete during installation. Many people use dyes to create a unique look with their pool deck, but this practice can be problematic down the road. If you go to add on at some point in the future, the new concrete will most likely look different than the original concrete. It will be very difficult for the contractor to match the exact color, and this can make it look like the job was pieced together. This is a good way to turn an elegant space into something that looks second rate.