Stamped Concrete Pros and Cons Stamped Concrete Pros and Cons


There are pros and cons to using stamped concrete. It's an individual choice, but stamped concrete can be quite beautiful if installed properly.

Pros of Stamped Concrete

One positive aspect of using stamped concrete is the cost. It is less expensive per square foot than pavers. Although the cost of material is similar to pavers, the savings come in the form of labor. Installing pavers is much more time-consuming and difficult work. There are ways to save money with other material, but overall stamped concrete is the most affordable option.

Another pro is that stamped concrete is easier to maintain. You only have to clean and reseal every few years to keep it looking good. With pavers the sand in-between each stone gets washed away and has to be replaced. Weed growth is also a problem.

Cons of Stamped Concrete

All concrete eventually cracks, and this is no different with stamped concrete. In addition, you cannot fix cracks that occur away from the control joints and repairing cracks looks worse than leaving the crack unattended. With pavers you don't have to worry about cracking.

You can't change the look of stamped concrete over the years, whereas pavers allow homeowners to replace individual slabs if a problem develops or add a new design element to the outdoor space.

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