Standard Inground Pool Sizes

Inground pool sizes can differ depending on the purpose of the pool. Inground pools can be designed and built in a wide range of different styles and sizes, however there are some people who are interested in standard pool sizes. There are a number of common, or standard sizes of pools which you might like to consider.

The largest standard size is the Olympic sized pool, but few people will have enough space to fit these.


While most public pools are rectangular in shape a private pool can be virtually any shape you want. It could be round, or it could also have various patterns and designs to add interest to your back yard. It could be in the shape of a palm tree, animal or even country.

Some of these pools can have various elements inside them including artificial waterfalls, sloping bottoms, wave machines and even bridges.


The depth of the pool will depend on its purpose. A private pool used only for swimming and exercise will normally be shallower than a public pool which is also used for diving.

The depth of most private pools is constant and ranges between 1 and 2 meters. Some pools have sloping bottoms and a zero entry pool uses a fairly steep gradient to do away with the need for steps.

Competition Practice Pool

If you are installing a pool for competition practice then you will probably want to build a 50 meter pool. Although a 25 meter pool may also be suitable in some circumstances. The depth will typically be a standard depth between 1 or 2 inches.

An Olympic pool is 50M in length and so this is a very big pool to be installing in your back yard. Installing such a large pool will not only take a lot of space but the running costs will also be higher.

Short Course Racing

A short course racing pool will either be 25M in length. The depth will normally be a constant depth of 1 meter throughout the length of the pool. These may also be suitable for competition practice for some people.

Small Pool

The most common size of pool for private use is a 25 yard short course pool. These pools are ideal for occasional use. This pool may not however be as useful for competition practice.

Custom Designs

A swimming pool is a considerable expense and so it's important you get exactly what you want. Don't settle just for these standard designs, actually you should also be interested in making your back yard look the best it can.

Every back yard is different and will benefit from a different pool design. Make sure you design a pool which will get the most out of your yard possible.

The pool should become an important component in your back yard and shouldn't completely take over. The pool needs to be designed to complement whatever else you have in your garden so that you can get the most out of it.