Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation: 4 Tips

A standing seam metal roof installation can not only be performed by the handyman of the home, but when properly installed it can give the home owner a roofing system that is durable, virtually maintenance free, and is available in a variety of colors. Here are 4 tips you can use to install your home's standing seam metal roof.

Tip 1 – Installation Order

Before installing the roof's vertical panels, install the roof sheathing at each valley, the low point on the roof where two separate sloping sections meet. Next, install a preformed ridge cap on the peak of the roof.

Tip 2 – Attaching Panels

To attach panels to the sheathing, place each panel in a lengthwise position and tuck each one into a ridge vent, using fasteners or clips. Don't be concerned about these panel clips being visible. They will be covered by the panel that fits over them .

Tip 3 – Crimping Raised Panel Edges

To create the raised seam appearance, crimp raised panel end edges with a crimp tool. This crimping will also seal your roof against moisture intrusion.

Tip 4 – Finish Your Raised Seam Metal Roof

When you roof has been completely installed, this will be the time to paint it with a color that is compatible with the finish of your home's exterior.