Standing Seam Roofs: Repair Tips Standing Seam Roofs: Repair Tips

Standing seam roofs are prefabricated roofing materials that feature interlocking panels. These are usually installed at a slight angle, so that water will run off. If you find that your standing seam roof has become damaged, you need to repair it as quickly as possible. How you do this will depend upon the state of the roof.

A Small Patch

If your standing seam roofs have only a small crack or missing piece, you can repair this without having to remove significant parts of the panel. You can use a seam repair tape to cover over small cracks, making sure that you make the ends flat against the side of the window. You could also make a small patch using a different metal, and place this above the crack. Seal it with roofing tar or a similar material to prevent leaks.

Significant Damage

If your standing seam roof has a larger crack, or a significant hole, you will need to remove the panel and replace it. This can be done by having a panel made to the original specifications. You can then remove the old panel, and replace it with the new version. This is usually quite hard work, but if you have previously installed the standing seam roofs, it should not be too difficult.

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