Try These Bathroom Remodel Suggestions Try These Bathroom Remodel Suggestions

When it's time to completely make over your bathroom, you’ll want to check out these bathroom redo suggestions to make the job a lot easier on both you and your wallet.

Replace the Vanity

You can get a lot of makeover mileage with a new vanity. Since it’s a focal point of the bathroom, you want the vanity to reflect your new design.

Updated Toilet

Go with a low-flow toilet that saves water. These new energy-efficient designs come in all shapes and price ranges.

Change the Bathtub

Along with a new vanity and toilet, another consideration for your bathroom project is the bathtub. They are available in many new materials and energy-saving designs.

New Lighting

New lights make everything look different. They can complement, contrast, highlight, or accent the space. Like everything else in your bathroom, make sure your new lighting is appropriate to the overall design.

Add or Upgrade a Shower Stall

Replace, add, or upgrade a shower stall along with the bathtub. You have lots of sizes, materials, styles, and prices from which to choose.

New Mirrors

Put the best face on your bathroom with a new mirror. There are literally thousands of options, each with its own particular attraction.

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