Problems Starting the Boat Engine

Q. I have a 1995 Johnson 112 SPL. Why do I have to give my boat some throttle to start it up? I just recently had my carbs rebuilt and new fuel pump installed.



A. Did you check the "choke" circuit? Not a choke per-se, but a solenoid operated plunger that injects extra fuel into the carbs to assist in cold starts.

Have someone push the choke button or key while you listen at the engine. You should hear a distinct "click". The key has to be "ON".

It's not uncommon to have to pump the throttle a few times to get an outboard started. Especially an older one. After a while, the piston rings and/or cylinder walls wear, thereby not creating sufficient vacuum to draw fuel into the cylinders by themselves. Also, weak intake reeds may cause this. This doesn't affect the running engine to a great extent, but is a mild nuisance when starting.

The only OB engines I've seen that are truly a turn-key start are the fuel injected, computerized ignition engines. (ie-Mercury Optimax)

This info was contributed by Community member BoatCop.