Steam Cleaner Vacuums Steam Cleaner Vacuums

Steam cleaner vacuums are specialized upright machines that help keep home flooring and other surfaces deep cleaned. While these machines may resemble standard vacuums, they are quite distinct in their purposing.

How Steam Cleaner Vacuums Work

Steam cleaner vacuums are generally designed to look like standard carpet cleaning machines. Instead of simply lifting dirt from carpeting and other flooring, however, these machines deep clean by applying heated water into fibers. This water is then removed through vacuuming action.

The parts involved in steam cleaner vacuums are different from standard machines. They will often include a soap reservoir, a fresh water storage compartment and a gray water holding tank.

Using Steam Cleaner Vacuums

The process of cleaning with a steam cleaner vacuum involves a number of steps, including:

  • Initial vacuuming, which is required before using steam cleaner vacuums to remove surface dirt before water is added to the mix;
  • Soaping and scrubbing to loosen deep dirt;
  • Rinsing.

Surfaces Steam Cleaner Vacuums can Tackle

While specifications can differ based on make and model, steam cleaner vacuums are often designed to handle a variety of surfaces. These machines can work on standard carpeted surfaces, furniture, hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles.

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