Steam Cleaning Laminate Wood Floors Steam Cleaning Laminate Wood Floors

What You'll Need
Wood-safe steam cleaner
Your steam cleaner's owner's manual
Steam cleaning solution
Vacuum cleaner
Mini vac
Broom and dustpan
Feather duster
Absorbent towel or washcloth

If your home features any laminate wood flooring that is plagued by a number of stubborn, set-in stains, you may want to consider steam cleaning your laminate wood floors. While laminate wood flooring is fairly weak against substantial amounts of moisture, a good steam cleaning can be a very effective way of removing caked-on dirt and other floor-based filth if properly undertaken. However, as a general rule of thumb, steam cleaning should always be used as a last resort on this type of flooring.

Step 1 - Remove All Dust from Your Laminate Wood Flooring

As is the case when preparing to steam clean carpeted areas, you will need to vacuum up any dust before steam cleaning your laminate wood floors. This is usually a simple matter of running a vacuum cleaner or mini vac over the soon-to-be-cleaned area. Although, before proceeding to run your vacuum cleaner, it may be a good idea to adjust it to a setting recommended for wood floors. Also, should you encounter dust buildup in any difficult-to-reach areas, be sure to incorporate the aid of a broom and dustpan or even a feather duster. Once your flooring is completely dust-free, you will be ready to move on.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Steam Cleaner

With the stained area(s) thoroughly dusted, you're almost ready to begin steam cleaning your laminate wood floors. You will now need to prepare your steam cleaner, which will require you to closely follow the directions laid out in the device's owner's manual.

First off, you will need to confirm that your steam cleaner is safe to use in conjunction with this type of flooring. Although many steam cleaners can be used to clean hardwood floors, certain steamers are specifically designed to be used on carpeted areas. Next, determine whether or not your steam cleaner uses a cleaning solution mixed with water or straight-up water. Furthermore, if your steam cleaner utilizes a cleaning solution, confirm whether or not it is the same solution with which the device cleans carpeting. Certain steamers use an all-purpose solution, while others utilize different solutions for different surfaces. After making the necessary confirmations, load your steamer with the amount of water and, in some cases, cleaning solution specified in the owner's manual.

Step 3 - Steam Clean Your Laminate Wood Flooring

Now that your steamer is loaded and ready to go, you may begin cleaning your laminate wood floors. Gently run your steam cleaner across your flooring, making sure to spend a little extra time in the noticeably stained areas. After thoroughly cleaning your laminate wood floors and removing any stains, take care to promptly dry the freshly cleaned surface with an absorbent towel or washcloth. As previously stated, this type of flooring is weak against moisture, so it is important to quickly dry it off following a steam cleaning. Additionally, you may want to open up any nearby doors or windows to provide proper ventilation and speed up the drying process.

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