Steam Iron System

Commonly priced in the $300 to $400 range, a steam iron system is like a standard household iron in that uses steam and a weighted device to soften fabric in order to remove wrinkles. However, steam iron systems are unique in that they use pressurized steam to accomplish this, making them far more effective. Used by professionals to remove even the toughest, most bothersome wrinkles, a steam iron system, such as the J490A IronMaven from Reliable, is the secret to success as far as professional-grade fabric pressing is concerned.

Dry Pressurized Steam

Whereas standard steam irons emit steam, in some cases, very efficiently in order to penetrate fabrics of all types and de-wrinkle them, steam iron systems utilize pressurized steam that is dryer than it is wet. With this technology, the steam gets into the fabric at a faster rate, softening it without moistening it. The weight of the iron then shapes the fabric, removing wrinkles, straightening seams and collars with ease.


Steam iron systems can operate continuously, thanks in part to their removable water tanks being refillable while in use. Features include an anti-calcification system to prevent mineral deposit buildup, a low water indicator and a boiler that produces steam at 50 psi or more.