Steam Piping

Many older home have left over steam piping that is no longer used.  Sometimes the steam piping is still being used, but has become rusted and damaged overtime.  With the right tools and tips, you can remove or replace steam piping yourself.

What you Need to Know About Steam Piping

Most steam piping is connected with a simple thread connector.  Over time these steam piping connectors can become frozen and no longer want to come off easily.  First try to remove the steam piping with a chain wrench if a regular pipe wrench doesn’t seem to work.  If you are still having problems, try applying heat to the steam piping fitting.  Heat is used to expand the metal of the fitting so that it breaks free from the threads of the steam piping, so don’t heat the threads—just the fitting.

You can also try to soak the threads in a solvent for an extended period of time.  Sometimes actually tightening the steam piping first will break it loose enough to remove.  You can also try breaking the threads of the steam piping loose by tapping the side with a hammer.