Steam Pressure Washer: What Sets It Apart

For cleaning the vinyl siding of your home, you can’t beat a steam pressure washer. Sidings can build up a layer of dirt over time that can be difficult to remove. Any dirt that is on your sidings can become food for molds, mildews and algaes, which will ultimately corrode and rot the sidings. A layer of sticky sugar will also build up on sidings. This comes from bushes, trees and shrubs and is carried by the wind. Vinyl sidings are designed to shed rain water. If you do not take care of them, they will not do their job. 

Garden Hose Vs Steam Pressure Washer

If you are using a garden hose to clean sidings you will often find that the forceful jet of water can get behind the siding, allowing water to penetrate the material behind. This can damage your home if it is not covered with a waterproof membrane. If there is framing timber or wood underneath, the water will cause this to expand and rot. However, if you use a steam pressure washer, the nozzle will deliver a jet of soft hot-water steam that is not forceful enough to get behind the siding. 

Hard to Reach Places

You may need ladders or possibly even scaffolding depending on the position of your house to clean the siding. This means that there may be some sections that will never get cleaned properly. However most steam pressure washers have an extendable nozzle for those hard to reach places. This will prevent molds and algaes from building up in the awkward places and causing rot. 

Dirt Resistant Patches

There will always be some areas of siding that are hardest to clean. These are often the areas that are most exposed to the elements, the weather and the sticky sugars that the trees bring in. If you are having difficulty cleaning these with water and a brush, a steam pressure washer will always do the job better. The hot steam molecules will penetrate the sticky dirt without causing damage to the siding. You won’t need to use abrasive chemicals either. Most steam pressure cleaners will come with replaceable nozzle ends that are perfect for this type of job. 

Avoiding Chemicals

The added advantage of using a steam pressure cleaner is that you eliminate the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach. Even when the dirt is difficult to remove, a jet of pressurized steam will remove stubborn marks easier than most chemicals and will not leave a residue. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to the vinyl can cause it to rot. 

Water Usage

Steam pressure cleaners use much less water than a garden hose so will ultimately save you money and help the environment. Steam is created only from the water that you fill the chamber in the machine with. If you wash a vinyl siding with a garden hose, you will need to have the water supply on constantly to create enough water pressure in the hose. This will waste a large amount of water. Using a steam pressure cleaner will ultimately save you money and help the environment.