Steel Building Insulation Options Steel Building Insulation Options

Steel building insulation involves understanding the options available for the different types of climates that the building resides. Hot weather climates require one type of insulation while buildings in cold climates have a different requirement. Understanding the difference will help your building maintain the appropriate temperature.

Radiant Barrier for Hot Climates

Steel buildings are a good conductor of heat. This does not bode well for individuals who work in hot climates such as the southern United States. The use of a radiant barrier helps reduce the impact of the sun and bring temperatures down. The radiant barrier is made of aluminum foil sheeting that can be installed easily without tearing.

Thermal Control for Cold Climates

Thermal insulation helps a building maintain its temperature in cold weather. Such insulation is typically required in cold weather regions and is measured by its R factor. The higher the R factor, the better the insulation is working to keep temperatures up and prevent heat loss due to cold and condensation.

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