Steel Piping Steel Piping

Steel piping is mostly being replaced in modern homes with copper and plastic piping systems.  If you have an older home though, you may still need to work with some form of steel piping.  Here are some things you need to know should you ever come across a project with steel piping.

All About Steel Piping

Usually steel piping is associated with plumbing supply lines of some sort of gas system.  Black-iron pipe is probably the most common type of steel piping you will come across.  This type is very expensive to install and is a very labor intensive type of steel piping to work with.  More modern steel piping systems are usually made with either semi-rigid materials or with the newer flexible steel piping actually made of stainless steel. 

The newer types of steel piping should be left to the professionals, but you can do some repairs on older systems in your home.  You can still readily find black iron steel piping at almost all hardware and home improvement stores.  Usually you can get the steel piping cut to length and threaded at the store you purchase it from.  Remember you will need to use specialty tools to work with steel piping.

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