Steel Rain Gutter Repair: 4 Tips

Steel rain gutter repair is necessary when your steel gutter is leaking. First, you must decide if you need a professional to do the repairs. If the gutter is in a bad state, you may need to replace it and call a contractor to do the replacement. However, some repairs can be done at home without professional help if you have the right tools. Here are some useful tips for steel gutter repair:

Thorough Inspection Prior to Starting the Repair

You need to inspect your gutter prior to repairing it. Look for small cracks or holes. You should not wait until the cracks get larger. Inspect the gutter for cracked seams and splits that are causing leaks. One sign of cracked gutters is water that runs down on the walls from the roof when you pour water in the gutters.


Prior to repairing the gutters, you should clean the gutters and remove all the paint from the gutter using a wire brush. Remove paint from the internal surfaces, as well as any residues and dirt inside. After you clean the gutter, you will be able to see all the cracks and holes that are causing the leaks.


To cover the leaking area, you should use flashing. Cut a piece of flashing using tin snips to cover the whole area. Make the flashing longer than the leaking area and bend it over the gutter to fit it tightly into place.