Steel Roofing Costs: What to Expect

Several colors of steel roofing materials
  • 40-200 hours
  • Advanced
  • 10,000-100,000

Steel roofing is advantageous over traditional roofing methods for its appearance and extended durability. Although steel roofing prices are higher than those of other roofing styles, the steel roof price covers a roof system with roughly twice the lifespan of other styles. Read on for more information about what to expect of a steel roof cost before you begin installation.

Costs of steel roofing depend upon both the labor and the materials necessary to install the roof. The cost of the materials varies depending upon how large the roof is and what types of steel roofing you select. In some cases, the cost of the materials decreases as the size of the roof increases. The cost of materials and labor also depends upon the shape of your roof. Roofs with lots of angles and nooks typically require additional time for installation, which increases the overall cost.

Typically, the cost of installing a steel roof, including both materials and labor, fluctuates between two and eight dollars per square foot of roofing required. Consult with a contractor or roofing company for a quote for your home and project.