Steel Siding Maintenance Instructions

It is very important to make sure to place siding maintenance as a regular task, if you choose to install siding to your house's walls. This applies for all types of siding. Proper maintenance and care will improve the durability of the siding, and also reduce the costs of replacing it within a relatively-short period of time. Steel siding does not require much maintenance when compared with other kinds of siding materials.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Garden Hose
  • Ladder
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Soft scrubbing brush
  • Paintbrush

Step 1: Rinse

Start off by rinsing the siding with plenty of water. It is best to use a garden hose since the gush of water will help to remove loose dirt and dust much more easily and quickly. Then, wipe the siding to remove water residue. If this is allowed to remain unnecessarily rust problems may develop. 

Step 2: Inspect

Once most of the dirt has been washed away, carefully inspect the siding so as to see any patches which need additional cleaning due to more thorough dirt or stains. While doing so also check any areas which may require repairs.

Step 3: Cleaning

Treat areas which have stains or persistent dirt by cleaning them with a solution of warm water and mild soap. Scrub gently until you clean the area effectively.

Step 4: Painting

If there are any scratches make sure to paint them as soon as possible so as to prevent rust from developing.