Step by Step Bidet Installation Part 3

In Parts 1 & 2 of this guide to bidet installation, you learned how to connect the water supplies to the bidet, add the flange and the drain bolts, and then screw the bidet in to the floor. Once you have got this done, you can then attach the drain to the trap, which will take the water away from the bidet. You will then fit the bidet to the floor using the holes which you have drilled. When you are ready, you can begin the final processes, but there are some errors that you should watch out for as you go through the process.

Step 8 - Connecting the Drain

Now that you have the water supply running, you need to connect the drain to the main waste pipe for your bathroom. Take the tailpieces of the pipe which you have connected into your bidet, and add a nut to the end of the tailpiece. Place a washer on the edge of the nut, and then add the first part of your P-trap onto the edge of the pipe. Screw the pieces together tightly using your wrench.

When you have added the first piece of the P-trap, you can then add another washer and nut and install the second piece of the pipe. To attach the trap pieces to the waste pipe, you need to use another piece of pipe. You may need to trim down a pipe using a saw in order to get the correct measurements.

Step 9 - Add the Bolts

When you have finished installing the drain, you can then connect the bidet to the floor. This is the final part of your bidet installation, and you need to make sure that you line the base of the bowl up with the holes on the floor where the bolts need to be fitted. Place a washer against the top of the first bolt, and then push it down through the bidet and into the floor below. Add the bolt, and then screw it into place. You should be able to repeat this process when you install the rest of the bolts into the floor. Make sure that the nuts are all tight, and check that the bidet does not wobble when pressure is placed upon it.

Step 10 - Avoiding Mistakes

Perhaps the biggest mistake that you can make is not correctly fitting the pipes when you install the water supply and waste pipe lines. In order to prevent water from flowing outside of the pipe, you need to make sure that you tighten it completely. Waste pipes should be tightened using a nut and a washer in order to secure the fitting. You should also try to add a layer of caulking around the edge of the pipes. When fitting the bidet to the floor, make sure that you screw the bolts down to the floor tightly, so that the bowl does not move, but not so tightly that the ceramic of the bidet is split.