Step-By-Step Deck Spray Painting

Lead Image for Step-By-Step Deck Spray Painting
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-800

The step-by-step deck spray painting process is a simple one to follow. Spraying a deck regularly will keep it strong, limiting rot, mildew, and fading.

Step One – Power Wash

Before you begin the spray painting process, you should carefully clean the deck. A pressure washer is the only effective way to get ingrained dirt and grime from most standard wood deck surfaces.

Some specialty exotic woods need special treatment, and should not be pressure washed.

Pressure washing will also remove any remnants of previous paints, stains or sealants.

If you’d like to help restore the “new” look to your wood, use a deck wood brightening product on the steps and deck as you clean them. You’ll want to consider brighteners, particularly if you plan to use a clear coat sealant rather than a stain or opaque sealant.

Step Two – Protect From OverSpray

When you use a sprayer on a deck, you need to protect surrounding bushes and buildings from overspray.

Overspray is the particles of paint or stain that shoot from the sides of the sprayer rather than directly onto the surface where you are attempting to direct the sealant. This overspray is not only unattractive but damages plants and stains structures.

To avoid overspray damage, use plastic or canvas drop cloths, large pieces of cardboard or tape and newspaper to protect the areas you don’t want to have stained or painted. When you are spraying the deck itself, you can tape large pieces of kraft paper around the outside of the railing to catch overspray easily.

If you use plastic drop cloths on plants, be sure not to leave them for long since they can cause plants to die, particularly in warm weather.

Step Three – Set and Assemble the Sprayer

You can rent a commercial sprayer from a paint store or home improvement store, or you may buy a model for your own use.

Check with the professionals at the paint store to help you determine what nozzle and pressure setting are best for the product you are using. These will vary depending on whether you use paint or stain, etc. for your deck coating.

For a simple sprayer, you can also apply many stains and sealants with a pressure pumped garden sprayer. These require you to stop and pump regularly to keep up the pressure.

Step Four – Spray Railings First

After protecting carefully for overspray, first, spray railings. Remember to spray both sides of the railings. When on the outside of the deck, stand on the ground and look up so that you can see any areas on the underside of the railing that you may have missed.

Step Five – Spray Deck Surface

Use an even spray over a six-foot square area of the deck. Check for any pooling or uneven spaces and touch them up. You may like the results of rolling the area with a ½ inch nap roller to even out the surface. Then move onto the next six-foot square area until the deck is evenly coated.