Step-By-Step Installation Of Basic Fireplace Doors Step-By-Step Installation Of Basic Fireplace Doors

What You'll Need
Masonry drill with bits
Measuring tape
Masonry screws
Masonry anchors
High temp sealant or fiberglass insulation

Installation of basic fireplace doors allow for the retention of a home’s warmth. Without the doors, a fireplace creates a significant draft that pulls the warm air right up and out the chimney.The solution is to install basic glass fireplace doors.

Step 1 – Take Careful Measurements

Measure your fireplace opening carefully. If you are lucky, the opening is square and you’ll be able to find readily available fireplace glass doors in a variety of sizes and shapes that will fit. If your fireplace has an arched opening, you’ll need a custom made set of glass doors. Make sure you measure both height and width at several points because the opening may not be symmetrical. You might need to slightly modify the fireplace opening because you want to fit the doors as closely as possible.

Step 2 – Purchase a Set of Doors

Buy a set of glass fireplace doors to fit your opening or custom order if “off-the-rack” is unavailable. Make sure you obtain all necessary mounting hardware including lead-based masonry anchors and screws if these are not included in your fireplace doors purchase. You should be able to find all you need at your local hardware store or home improvement center.

Step 3 – Mount the Doors

After you purchased a set of fireplace doors, you’re ready for mounting. There are two methods you can use:

1.Check to see if the doors are tab mounted. These would extend out from the doors resting on the two sides of the fireplace.
2.Some fireplace doors are top and bottom mounted where you need to drill into the floor as well as inside the top of the fireplace.
3.Get a friend to hold the doors in place so you can mark where your mounting screws will need to go. Use a permanent marker to designate each screw spot.

Step 4 – Drill Holes, Attach Doors

Drill a hole at each marked spot. Typically there will be two spots on either each interior side of the fireplace opening or the top and bottom. Use a masonry drill with appropriate bit. Insert each anchor by tapping it gently into the drilled hole with a hammer. If you are using fiberglass insulation between the door edge and fireplace wall, place it before affixing the doors. Once the anchors are in place, screw the doors in place through the mounting tabs into the anchors you’ve placed in the fireplace walls.

Step 5 – Seal Any Openings

Use either fiberglass insulation tucked along the edges where the door overlaps the fireplace opening or apply special high temperature sealant to prevent smoke from exiting. After installation there will be gaps. A good tip is to shine a flashlight along the edges seeing if the light penetrates to the other side. If so, either stuff insulation or apply the sealant. If after a subsequent use you see smoke escaping, repeat the sealing step.

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