Steps for Cedar Roof Cleaning Steps for Cedar Roof Cleaning

What You'll Need
Pump sprayer (a nozzle and gun with a container to hold a cleaner)
Garden hose with spray gun and adjustable nozzle
Stable ladder with stabilizer bars
Scrub brush (medium bristle)
Environmentally-friendly cedar cleaner

Performing cedar roof cleaning regularly helps protect a cedar-shingled roof from rot, mold and disease. Without a cleaning every few years, the cedar shingles on a roof will most likely need to be replaced years earlier than if they are regularly cleaned. Mold, moss, lichen, mildew and black algae will not only discolor your cedar shingles, they will lead to rot by eating away at the wood and holding in moisture.

Follow these steps to insure that your cedar shingles maintain good condition and last for their entire lifespan.

Step 1 - Find the Appropriate Cleaning Product

A high-chemical product can dry out your wood and lead to cracking. Bleach or any other chlorinated product should be avoided as well. Choose an environmentally friendly, gentle cedar cleaner for best results and to keep from harming your lawn as the cleaning product will drip from your roof the ground.

Step 2 - Spray Small Areas at a Time

Start the cleaning process at the top and work your way down your roof. A garden hose can be used to dampen the cedar before cleaning, adjusting it to a low setting so that the spray pressure is gentle. A high-pressure washer can be harmful to shingles, causing splinters and dislodgements. A pressure washer will also be more likely to push the mold spores into the center of the shingles, making them more difficult to scrub off. Avoid soaking the wood before cleaning; spray down small areas at a time, washing after each spray.

Step 3 - Spray and Scrub with Cedar Cleaner

After wetting down a small area, use the pump sprayer to spray on the cleaning agent. Scrub down thoroughly with a medium-bristled brush.

Step 4 - Rinse and Move On

Rinse with a hose starting at the top so that the water and soap will run off the roof and on to the ground. Rinse until the water running off the roof is clear with no traces of soap in it. After thoroughly cleaning and rinsing one area, move on the section beside the previously finished one; after completely finishing a full strip at the top of your roof, move on to a lower section.


Clean your shingled cedar roof every 3 to 4 years to insure a long life for your roof and just-like-new beautiful cedar shingles!

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