The Stick-Build Method Explained

Stick-build is a term usually used by construction crews to refer to the process of building a structure from the ground-up on site using conventional building techniques.

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Stick-Build Method

There are a number of advantages to the stick-build method of building a structure. Building a structure in this method usually leads to a more custom structure; moreover, slight changes in the overall layout of certain aspects of the structure be made when requested. Adjustments, which may become necessary to meet site tolerances, can be made.

The major disadvantages are related to time, cost, and quality control. Panel construction is the main alternative to the stick-build method. Panel construction is generally faster than the stick-build method, as the sections such as the sub-frames, floor panels, and roof trusses are all built in a factory and then simply installed on site. The fact that they are built in a factory also lends itself to a generally higher and more consistent level of quality control than what is achieved with structures built using the stick-build method.