Stone Landscape Edging: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Stone landscape edging is a wonderful way to block off your driveway or specialty landscaping. Using stones or landscaping rocks will really set your yard apart from most others. Stones or landscaping stones or rocks have been used for years as a method of creating a border of sorts on driveways and even gardens. When installing your landscaping stones or rocks, there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid in order to ensure success and safety during the whole process. This article will outline a few tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Too Many or Too Few Stones

Most people will purchase too many or too little in the way of landscaping stones and rocks. You will need to measure the area in which you are planning to use these stones or rock before purchasing your supplies, this will save money and an extra trip to the home remodeling store.

If you are using stone landscaping bricks, it is essential to measure all the way around the area you plan to edge with the stone. Take your measurements to the store when you are ready to purchase your stones.  Take a measuring tape and a calculator with you as well. Measure the stones at the store that you are interested in and make sure you can get them to fit the measurements of your landscaping needs.
If you plan to use loose landscaping rocks to line your driveway or garden, take your measurements to the store and check the bags of landscaping rocks for the dimensions.  In most cases the bag will tell you how much area the rocks will cover.

Mistake 2: Failure to Properly Pack Stones

Landscaping stones need to be packed and reinforced to avoid them falling or coming out of line.  Many people simply place the stones and expect that they will stay because they are heavy. This is a mistake and can cause severe irritation later when you are constantly realigning the stones.

Dig a hole or trench where you plan to place the stones and make sure that it at least a quarter as deep as the stone itself. Place the stones in the trench. Once you have finished placing the stones, make sure that you water the stones so that the sand will be easier to pack. When it has dried, you can then walk along the wall on either side, and pack the dirt with your feet. Then water the stones again for extra reinforcement.

Mistake 3:

Placing your stones where there is a lot of growth, for example weeds can cause an unsightly look if the weeds are not pulled from the area you are planning on using your landscaping stones. If you do not pull those weeds before beginning the project, they will simply go through the stones and you may end up having to pull a stone up later to get rid of the unsightly weed.

You now know how to avoid three of the most common mistakes when installing landscaping stones and rocks.  Good Luck!