Stone Paver Patio Installation: Mistakes to Avoid Stone Paver Patio Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

Before and during stone paver patio installation, note these mistakes to avoid. Taking care with preparation and installation will result in a smoother stone patio surface, that will resist shifting and sinking.

Avoid Skimping on Materials

Measure carefully, to find out how many stone pavers you will need, and then add 5 percent more, to allow for cutting, breakage and uneven coloring.

Use a Frame to Border the Patio

Don't expect your patio edges to maintain their shape without a frame. Make it out of solid pressure treated lumber, or aluminum edging designed for driveways. A frame also helps reduce weed growth around the patio perimeter.

Don't Slope Your Patio Toward Your Home's Foundation

Ensure you provide for a slope of 1/4 inch per linear foot away from your house, as you lay your patio. The outer edge of an 8-foot wide patio, farthest from the house, should be 2 inches lower than the edge abutting the foundation.

Don't Skimp on Paver Sand Filling

Be generous with the sand filling between pavers. Dampen the filling sand lightly, and press it snugly between the stones. This will keep weeds out of your patio surface. Tight filling between stone pavers will also hold them in place as the ground freezes and thaws.



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