Stone Retaining Wall Design Ideas

A stone retaining wall is an attractive and effective way of preventing soil erosion or protecting a lower area of your yard or landscape. There are many different types and styles of stone retaining walls available, and your options for them are almost limitless. So, here are a few ideas for stone retainer walls.

Low-Cost Retainer Wall Ideas

The simplest and most cost-effective retainer walls are usually made with common red brick, hollow concrete blocks or even large quarry boulders. These types of inexpensive retainer walls are normally held together with mortar mix and offer basic slope reinforcement and soil erosion protection where appearance and design is the not the most important decision factor.

Prefabricated Block Retainer Walls

One of the easiest to install and most popular types of retainer walls are those sold by many local home improvement centers. These types of prefabricated blocks are very easy to work with and simply require that you lay out the blocks on a level footing, stack them and then apply backing to the walls. These types of prefab blocks come in many surface and color designs and can be useful in matching your home landscape’s decor and design.

Lannon Stone Retainer Walls

Lannon Stone is a popular block type of cut stone that is used in many stone retainer walls. Lannon Stone is more expensive than common red brick or hollow blocks but it is much cheaper than many other types of natural stones, that are used in stone retainer walls. It is very easy to work with and comes in a few different colors.

Gravity Stacked Natural Stone Retainer Walls

You can use some types of natural stone to create gravity stacked retainer walls that normally do not require the use of mortar or concrete. Quarried flagstone varieties such as Crab Orchard come in brown or pink colors and are popular options for a gravity stacked retainer walls. If you are looking for darker colored stone, consider Tennessee Fieldstone or Fieldstone boulders, which come in dark gray to black shades.

Granite Retainer Walls

If you're looking for something substantial and truly beautiful in your stone retainer wall design, you should consider using varieties of heavy granite rock or blocks that are cut from granite. These types of retainer walls offer excellent protection from shifting slopes and soil erosion and keep a beautiful appearance for many years. However, you should be aware that constructing a stone retainer wall of granite can prove to be a very expensive endeavor.

Stone Retainer Wall Alternatives

While stone retainer walls do a very effective job at preventing shifting in slopes and soil erosion, they are not your only option for retainer walls. You can also use heavy wooden railroad ties or even heavy wooden logs to create attractive and secure retaining walls where they are needed. These types of retaining walls offer a natural and rustic appearance that can be further enhanced by easily paining them to provide colorful contrasting borders along the retaining retainer wall.