Stone Veneer Fireplace: Installation Tips Stone Veneer Fireplace: Installation Tips

If you would like to install a stone veneer fireplace in your home, then you need to understand what stone veneer is, and the process of installation. Most stone veneer fireplaces are actually an application of veneer over the edge of an already existing brick or metal fireplace. The stone veneer is around a quarter of an inch thick, and can be fitted easily by any amateur.

Preparing the Surface

The best way to begin installing your stone veneer fireplace is to prepare the surface on which it will be fitted. If you have a concrete fireplace, then you will need to sand over the surface to provide a little edge, on which the mortar for the veneer will be gripping. If you have a wooden surface, then you need to use a backer board to waterproof the surface.

Adding Mortar

Once you have prepared the surface, you can then apply the mortar. This mix should be thick enough to resemble a batter, and then spread one or two inches deep across the back of your veneer. Make a line or two in the mortar to allow it to cling to the wall, and then stick it into place. You will need to wipe off any mortar which is squeezed out the side as you press down.


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