Stone Veneer Fireplaces: Installation Mistakes to Avoid Stone Veneer Fireplaces: Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Installing stone veneer fireplaces a great way to increase the value of your home, and it is a project easily completed. Should you decide to upgrade your fireplace, being aware of the most common oversights will make the project run smoothly. The whole point of veneers is to emulate natural stone. If the job looks artificial, you’ve defeated the purpose.

Choosing Colors & Shapes

One of the easiest mistakes is choosing a product that is too perfect. Natural stones have a variety of shapes and edges, so if the veneer you choose is too perfect, it will not look natural. There must be a gradation of colors throughout the choice of product. Even gray stones have a gradation of color.

Moisture Barrier

Never forget to install an appropriate moisture barrier to the wall that will be veneered. This will keep moisture from the thin-set and grout from migrating to the drywall behind the stones. If water migrates behind the stone surface, the drywall will eventually rot, mold and transfer the moisture to the structural elements of the home.

Avoid "Floating" Walls

Always remember that real stone is very heavy, and cannot be placed without proper support. Most real stone structures are stacked from the ground. If you were to place a "floating" stone panel on a wall, it will be a dead giveaway the stone is artificial. Remember to construct any stone veneer structure as though it were real stone, to avoid this common mistake in stone veneer fireplaces.

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