Stone/Brick Siding Installation Stone/Brick Siding Installation

What You'll Need
Cordless Drill
Driver Bits
Measuring Tape
Cultured Stone
Safety Glasses
Ear Plugs
Dust Mask
Utility knife
Chop Saw

Installing stone brick siding can drastically help improve your home’s façade if done properly. It lends character and gives a house a luxurious feel. It may also help increase its market value. With a step-by-step process outlined here, it should be easier than it sounds.

Step 1 - Prepare the Window Sills and Door frames

Remove the existing siding by prying it off with a crowbar. Take it off carefully as to prevent damage to the structure underneath. Inspect and repair any structural damage or dry rot before proceeding to install the new weatherproofing sheathing and membranes around the door frames and windows.

Step 2 - Install the Flashing Systems

The manufacturers of the stone siding that you purchased will recommend flashing systems that work best with their product. Install the recommended flashing system and nail it along the inside and bottom corners. Then, fold the flashing over and nail that part down along the seams and the last row to keep it hidden. Use an adhesive to attach the pieces of stone over the rest of the flashing that’s showing.

Step 3 - Attach the Stones

The first row of stone siding should be attached to the flashing system using the materials that came with the flashing system. The kits’ hardware will vary, depending on the flashing system. Most kits will require you to screw or nail the aluminum slip joint onto the flashing as a way to keep it in place, while some others will simply slip over an interconnecting lip. When you’re done with the first row, make sure that it is straight by using a level. Once you’re sure that it is straight, attach the leftover rows of the stone siding by sliding it onto the first row’s aluminum connecting system. You might need to make adjustments to the stones when you start or finish a row, encounter obstacles (such as outlets, windows, etc.) or when you work around corners. It is also suggested that you work around the difficult parts of the project first and then move on to the easier parts.

Step 4 - Finish the Project

For the flashing that is around the windows, corners and finishing stone rows, fold it down and nail it securely. Use the recommended adhesive that works best with the siding and attach the finishing stones. You will need to fold the last 6 inches of flashing before you attach the smaller pieces of stone siding. Seal the joints, windows and doors by using the caulking gun and epoxy.

Note: It is important to follow the instructions that come with the siding products, especially the recommended materials, adhesives and tools that should be used for this project. If you cannot use the recommended materials that go along with the siding products, then please consult with a professional before you commit too much time and effort.

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