Stool Stool

A window stool receives a lot of damage from wear and tear from moisture and direct heat from the sun. Over time a stool will become water absorbent rather than water resistant. At this point you should replace the stool. Luckily it’s an easy process that won’t take too much time.

• You will want to start by carefully removing the trim around the window. Since you’ll be reusing the trim you don’t want to damage it.
• Next you will want to remove the stool. You may have to saw it out if it’s connected at its ends.
• If the new stool doesn’t line up properly and go in fairly easy by tapping on it, you will need to sand the end of it down a little.
• Now you will need to nail the stool into place and then caulk the nail heads. This is best done from the underside of the stool so you can’t see the nails.

Tips for Replacing the Stool

• Remember the stool should fit in slightly tight so that it doesn’t allow moisture in.
• You will want to have matching paint ready to go after you’re done installing it to make it match the rest of the house.

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