Storage Barn Ramp Construction

Storage barn ramp construction is one of the easiest parts of building a storage barn. You will need to purchase your materials after you have measured and outlined your ramp.
Take Measurements

The ideal way to go about measuring is to start with your barn door. You are going to want the ramp to be twice as long as your door is high. You should also let the ramp out a foot wider than the width of the door. The reasons are simple. You do not want to end up with an uncomfortably steep ramp because you made your ramp too short. You are going to be carrying very heavy items in and out and the gravitational pull will work against you if it is built too steep. The width is a safety precaution. There are going to be times when you are using a dolly and will not be able to see well enough to judge how much room you have on either side.
The Materials

You are going to need 2 pieces of plywood cut to the length of the ramp; these will be your base. You are also going to need 2 pieces of wood that represent the width of the ramp for your base. You are going to need many more pieces of plywood that are an inch or so wider than the base boards. For assembly you'll need a hammer and nails. You should also purchase screws if you would prefer added support. Sandpaper and paint can come after construction.

Lay your base boards out and attach them in a rectangular shape with your nails or screws, whichever you choose. Then attach the base to the base of your barn. Now that you have the base up you can lay down the topside boards. Use your nails to lie down and attach the top boards to the base. Leave ½ inch between each board if you are trying to save on the price of plywood; otherwise place each piece flush with one another.

If your ramp is flush, you will find it much easier to use a dolly to transport items in and out, as well as reducing the risk of tripping. Once you have placed all of the top boards, you can then choose what you would like to use to make the transition from the ground to the ramp easier. You can lay down a sanded piece of ply wood; this is highly recommended to ease the transition from the ground to the ramp. Your plywood should almost be sanded to resemble a sharp edge on one side while the other side is mounted to the ramp in the same fashion as the top boards.
You have finished construction! From here you can sand the ramp down and paint it if you so choose. Remember that this ramp will likely see a lot of traffic, so you should use paints made specifically for high traffic areas. Congratulations, you just built you very own storage barn ramp.