Storage Bed

A storage bed is any bed that is on a platform that has storage underneath. This storage area can consist of drawers, shelves, or cabinets. A storage bed is often referred to as either a platform bed or a captain’s bed.

How can a Storage Bed be Used?

Many people like storage beds because they provide an alternate way to place items out of the way. This especially comes in handy in a child’s room. Without it being said, a child’s room has many toys and other miscellaneous items. Actually, these toys can overpower a room at times. 

The extra space offered by a storage bed is a welcomed aspect. Not only can toys fit in there, drawers can be placed under a bed and clothes can be placed in there.

A storage bed can also come in good use for a master bedroom. A specialized design can be placed when deciding to put a storage bed in a master bed room. The detail and use are helpful for space while adding design and style to the space.