Storage Shed Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving a storage shed can be an easy task with enough help. There are some mistakes that you should avoid, though.

Have the New Location Prepared

Before you start moving the shed have the new location prepared to accept it. Moving a shed to an unprepared site could lead to damage if it is left standing on uneven ground.

Empty the Shed

Don’t try to move the shed with all the contents still inside. This will strain the fabric and make the job difficult.

Only Lift from the Bottom

Unless you have a special rig only try to lift a storage shed from the bottom.

Don’t Try to Move a Damaged Shed

If your shed has suffered damage through impact or rot (in the floor, for example) don’t try to move it unless you repair the damage first. The repairs only need to be enough to prevent the damage getting worse.

Steep Hills

If you are moving the shed on a steep hill make sure that it is anchored to a good solid object so that it does not set off down the hill out of control.

Since the move is often more to do with muscle than equipment, make sure you have enough help.