Storage Solutions under the Kitchen Sink

Working in your kitchen can become a chore if you don't have all the tools you need. Storage solutions for the kitchen sink can help make the work more pleasurable, while saving you time. All of your little items can be tucked away in their proper place and out of reach. Rather than packing everything under the sink on the cabinet floor or on kitchen counter tops, consider these storage solutions:

Under the Sink Storage Shelf

Manufacturers of kitchen products, like DV International, make under the sink storage shelves to help provide additional storage in the kitchen. The ones that DV makes come with five plastic adjustable shelves on a metal frame. The shelves are adjustable for you to arrange around your kitchen sinks plumbing pipes.

When assembled, the unit measures 11 inches deep x 17 1/4 inches high x 18 1/4 inches or 33 inches long, and they weigh about five and a half pounds. You can store everything from dish washing detergents to dishes on the shelves, it's up to you.

Cabinet Door Storage

You can also purchase a kitchen sink storage system that fits over your cabinet door. These are door racks that have enough space between the first and second shelf to store upright items, like cleaners or brushes. No installation is required, just hook them over the door and you're done.

Lid Storage Slide out Tray

Organizing lids doesn't have to be irritating if you have one of these. The one made by Lynk is easy to mount and only takes a few minutes to install. The best part is that these are durable, because they're made of industrial strength material. You can hold up to 18 lids on a rack, but you can store more than lids. Cutting boards and baking sheets are some other items can go on the lid storage slide out tray.

Under the Sink Drawer

One of the best places to store a small trash can is under the sink. You can use an under the sink drawer that attaches to your cabinet door to hold a kitchen sized trash can. This is better than sliding the trash in and out when you need to use it, or throwing food and missing the can. You can find ones that measure 9-1/4 x 12 inches.

Cabinet Roll out Drawers

Another option is cabinet roll-out drawers. Lynx also makes these with industrial-grade ball-bearing glides that are sure to last long in your kitchen. These measure 21 x 14 x 4 inches and may not work for every kitchen sink, but it may for some, depending on the placement of your pipes and the cabinet space. You can install these in minutes and use them in your kitchen or bathroom. The cabinet roll out drawer can hold heavy items, so it may be useful if you're working with a small kitchen and need to store other kitchen items.

An organized kitchen sink will help you work faster, and less clutter makes for a more comfortable kitchen. Try one of these solutions and see the benefits of under the sink storage solutions.