Storm Door Handle Replacement Tips

Over time, you will find the need to replace your storm door handle. Working on a storm door can be tricky business and if you don’t get it right, there will be years of grumbling because the door doesn’t work. There are a few common sense things you can do to make your repair easier and long lasting.

Remove the Door Closure Mechanism

Trying to work on a storm door that is constantly trying to close itself is frustrating beyond words. Most storm door closure mechanisms have a system that will lock the door open at a desired angle. Although this may work for you, they can slip easily, creating a situation where you can get hurt. Unscrew the door closure mechanism where it attaches to the door frame, allowing you to move the door freely.

Brace the Door Open

Once you have the storm door in a position to work on both sides of the door handle, brace it in place. Use some scrap pieces of lumber or another heavy object on both sides of the door so it won’t swing in either direction. Having a stable door where you can work on both sides at the same time will make the repair that much faster.

Replace the Whole Latch

While you’re at it, replace both parts of the latch. Although some storm door handles will work with some latching mechanisms, having parts that don’t normally go together can cause problems. Avoid the temptation to take a short cut and do the job thoroughly the first time.