Storm Door Hardware Installation

What You'll Need
storm door hardware;
manufacturers instructions, and;

Storm door hardware is the most important part to installing your storm door. While assembling and installing the hardware is not a difficult thing to do, it is important that it is done correctly so that your storm door works properly.

Door Handle and Locking Mechanism

Follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for assembling and attaching the door handle and the lock mechanism.  The storm door hardware should include a template to help you know where to drill the pilot hole into the metal framework of the storm door. Once you have drilled the holes, insert the interior and exterior door handles, securing them with the screws provided.

Attach the Striker

Before attaching the striker plate to the doorjamb, mark where the striker will be going on the doorjamb. The striker is the metal plate that allows the door to latch properly.  The location of the striker will depend on the position of the latch on the door. Once you have marked the location, install the striker. The center of the striker has a hole in where the latch will sit when the door is closed. Using a chisel remove the wood in the hole, hollowing it out.

Assemble the Closer

The closer is the piece of storm door hardware that allows your door to open and close smoothly, without whipping open or slamming shut.  Following any manufacturer’s instructions, put together the complete closer unit, including sliding the washer onto the closer.  Once assembled, hold the closer level at the recommended height, marking on the door and doorjamb the bracket location.  Once you have marked the correct spots, attach the closer to both the door and the doorjamb, screwing it in at both locations.

Mount Safety Chains

The safety chain is what keeps the door from flying open and crashing into the outside of the house if it gets flung open. Attach the safety chain to the door and door frame per manufacturer’s instruction.

Test the Installed Hardware

Once you have finished assembling and attaching the hardware, test out your storm door to make sure that everything is in working order.  Make sure that the door is level and that it opens and closes without any problems.  If the door slams shut or is hard to open, you will need to adjust the closer until the door opens and closes properly.