Storm Door Installation Tips Storm Door Installation Tips

If you think there is little involved with storm door installation, you would be mistaken. There is actually quite a bit to consider on top of the fitting instructions. Here are some tips to think about before you hang your storm door.

Tip 1 – Bugs Deterrents

Storm doors also keep bugs out of your home. It means that on particularly warm days, you can open your main door and let in fresh air without having to fight flies. Bearing that in mind, when you install a storm door, make sure you match the sloping angles on the main door with the angles you cut in the storm door before you fit it. This will eliminate any tiny gaps or holes that will let bugs through.

Tip 2 – Handles

If the outer handle on your main door is protruding too far, it will hit the storm door when you close it. So, when you consider the installation of the storm door, make correct allowances for the two handles to not interfere with each other. It may even involve changing the handle on the outer door if it protrudes too far.

Tip 3 – Sunshine and Heat

Another important thing to remember is that heat will get trapped between the storm door and the main door. If the storm door is fitted in a position of the house where it will be hit by direct sunshine, it will inevitably create a very hot space between the two doors, so take precautions when you install a storm door facing the sun.

Tip 4 – Rain and Damp

As with sun and heat, the same precautions apply if you are installing a storm door in damp areas. If the storm door is made of wood it will be particularly susceptible to warping and damage.  The best suggestion is to fit a vinyl or aluminum storm door which will not buckle under the pressure of extreme weather conditions.

Tip 5 – Door Closers

To prevent the storm door being left open, it would be a good idea to fit a door closer when you hang the storm door. It will also stop the door being opened to stretching point, which can cause damage to the outer frame and hinges. Door closers are easy to install but before you do, make certain to check the open and close mechanism of the door and determine that it has a smooth movement. A door closer will also stop it slamming and a hydraulic door closer is another option to consider. So there are quite a few advantages to adding one.

Tip 6 – Draft Exclusion

As an added accessory you could also add a draft exclusion brush to the bottom of the door. It looks like a long fringe which you can screw to the inner part of the door and it will brush the floor as it closes and keep out drafts when the storm door is shut. It is not necessary to add one but it is an extra form of bug and wind protection if the gap under your main door is not protected enough.


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