Stoves Cookers

Whether portable, intended for countertop application or a full fixed appliance, stoves and cookers come in many styles, sizes and fuel types. From induction ranges to propane-powered camping stoves, they provide a timely means of food preparation both outdoors and in. Home countertop cookers often make a convenient first choice when preparing a specific meal such as a slow-cooked roast, stew or even hamburgers. Rather than firing up the oven range, which, depending on its fuel type and age, may not be the most efficient appliance, you can turn to a specific-use countertop unit. Such units work quickly and effectively and are very easy to keep clean.

Home Stoves and Cookers

In the home, stoves and cookers other than the primary built-in, freestanding or slide-in oven ranges include a wide assortment of products, from hamburger cookers to roasters, broilers and steam cookers. In many cases, separate cookware is not necessary, as the countertop appliance features its own cooking insert or surface. Select multi-cookers can bake, broil, roast, steam and more. Common operation features include a timer, full temperature control and auto shutoff.

Portable Units

When you are camping or taking the party outdoors, portable stoves provide a convenient way to prepare all types of food. Fueled by propane or butane, outdoor stoves often feature push-button ignitors, wind guards and durable cast iron, stainless steel and/or aluminum components. Portable outdoor stoves and cookers are available in several styles, from jet cookers to multi-burner camping stoves.