Straight Staircase vs Staircase with Landing

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A straight staircase is probably the most common type we see in most buildings. Other popular types are curved, spiral, and platform staircases, all of which find use in different scenarios for which they are most suited. A straight staircase is an uninterrupted flight of stairs that connect 2 floors. In contrast, a staircase with landings consists of 2 or more flights of stairs, each of which is connected by an intermediate landing. Some of the major differences between a straight staircase and a staircase with a landing are detailed below.

Straight Staircase

Straight staircases are the simplest form of staircases used in construction. It is easy to plan these staircases and construct them. They are also the cheapest option in most cases. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials for a straight staircase. These staircases also provide an uninterrupted flight, so that there is a lower chance of falls or injury. However, straight staircases also have their share of drawbacks.

Straight staircases offer an uninterrupted flight of stairs and thereby directly connect 2 levels. As a result, they often take up much more space and are not popular in homes or buildings where space conservation is a requirement. There is also some loss of privacy because people standing on one level can have a clear view of the other level connected by the staircase. Though the risk of falls is lower because people do not have to deal with turns or curves, a fall from a straight staircase is usually more severe. This is because the height of the staircase and the number of stairs are greater.

Staircase with Landing

There are many different types of staircases with the landing. Some popular types are the L-shaped, double L-shaped, and U-shaped staircases. In the L-shaped staircase, two mutually perpendicular flights of stairs are connected by a landing in between, whereas the double L-shaped staircase consists of 3 mutually perpendicular flights of stairs with 2 landings connecting them. A U-shaped staircase has 2 parallel flights of stairs connected by a landing in between.

Staircases with landings require lesser space, which makes them ideal for smaller areas. Staircases that have more flights take up lesser space. These staircases are widely used in lofts, deluxe apartments, and smaller homes. They may, however, require some more planning and can cost more than a straight staircase.

Staircases with landings are considered safer and more convenient for several reasons. Because the flights of stairs are shorter, a fall down the staircase is less likely to cause serious injury. These staircases are ideal for elderly people because they can climb up one flight of stairs and sit on the landing if needed, before continuing up the stairs. You can also utilize the landing area for keeping decorative items, photographs, or lights.

Another factor to consider is the likeliness of installing a stairlift, which is a possibility in homes with older people. Installation of such devices may be easier and more economical for a straight staircase. However, with some planning, you can install a stairlift on a staircase with a landing.