Stress-Grade Lumber Stress-Grade Lumber

One of the most important parts of doing any construction project is picking out the proper stress-grade lumber that you will need. Each project requires a certain type of stress-grade lumber to be able to handle the weight of the structure. There are a few simple steps you should do to choose the correct stress-grade lumber for your project.

• Start by designing your project on graph paper or in an auto cad program if you have it. This will allow you to calculate the weight needed for choosing your stress-grade lumber.
• You should also mark down the square footage and dimensions that you are going to use. This will also come in handy in your calculations.
• Finally, if you are building a big project like a two story shed or garage, you should have a professional double check your plans for any flaws that you may have in it. This will also allow him to check and let you know what type of stress-grade lumber you will need for the project.

Warning for Choosing Your Stress-grade Lumber

The biggest problem you may encounter will occur if you pick a lower stress-grade lumber than you need. If you are unsure about choosing between a couple different types, always get the strongest lumber. It’s better to have lumber that’s too strong rather than lumber that’s not strong enough.

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