Strip Door Curtain Installation

What You'll Need
Strip Door Curtain Kit

A strip door curtain is not typically found in a home, but usually in commercial applications like in walk-in freezers, loading doors and conveyor openings. This type of door is also used in other commercial and industrial settings, but this is not to say that you can not install a strip door curtain in your home. Follow the steps below for an easy project.

Step 1: Purchase a Strip Door Curtain Kit

The easiest way to obtain a strip door curtain kit is through an online retailer. Many will custom make an assembly that fits the dimensions you provide. Since strip curtains are not generally found in a home, it is best to deal directly with the manufacturer and have a kit custom built for your home.

Step 2: Prepare Installation Area

With the strip door curtain on order, you need to prepare the top frame of the door opening for mounting. Do this by drilling holes that match the mounting plate from which the curtain will be hung. The holes should be the same distance as the holes found on the mounting plate. Ask the manufacturer to send to you the mounting plate template to use as a guide.

Step 3: Mount the Strip Curtain Plate

With the holes drilled, mount the top plate to the wall in the area of the home where the strip curtain will be installed. Fasten the plate to the wall using the bolts that were a part of the kit that you ordered. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts during the mounting process.

Step 4: Attach the Strip Curtain Assembly

Now that you have attached the wall plate to the wall and secured it, attach the strip curtain assembly to the wall plate mount. The strip curtain assembly attaches to the wall plate in the same manner as you would install a shower curtain in a bathroom. The plexi-glass or clear heavy plastic curtain extensions clip onto the plate and will hang vertically to the ground, depending on the length that you  desire.

This will complete the installation of the strip door curtain in your home. Again, be creative in thinking of places where you want the door to be hung since it is an unusual installation for a home and is not one that is found in many homes.