Stripping Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

What You'll Need
Fabric softener
Putty knife
Paint roller
Neutralizing solution

Stripping wallpaper off the wall is not a very difficult task. However, wallpaper in old houses does not strip off easily and can be laborious. Moreover, if not removed properly, its glue can be left sticking on the walls. This article explains how to remove wallpaper adhesive effectively with the help of fabric softener.

Step 1: Prime the Wallpaper

Prime the wallpaper. Use a utility knife to score the wallpaper and make cuts in the top layer of the paper. Wipe the walls with a sponge dipped in hot water. The heat from the water will soften the adhesive. Repeat the hot water treatment until the wallpaper peels away. Use a putty knife to remove as much wallpaper as possible.

Step 2: Using Fabric Softener

In a container of warm water, add some fabric softener. Apply this mix on the wallpaper with a sponge. Allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Final Scraping and Cleaning

Use the putty knife to scrape off remaining wallpaper and glue. Wipe the wall using a neutralizing compound solution before the application of the new wallpaper.