Stripping Wood Floors With Natural Products

What You'll Need
Natural wood stripper
Recycled rag
Natural wood cleaner
Outdoor area or ventilation
Paint brush

Stripping Wood Floors with natural products is possible. While it can be more difficult to find these products, they are becoming more popular and accessible as time goes on and people become more passionate about the environment. While it may be difficult, here are a few materials that you need as well as steps to help guide you.

Step 1 - Find a Natural Stripper

Finding a natural stripper will be the hardest part of this job. While you typically will not be able to find one in hardware stores yet, you can most likely find one on the internet. There are a few wood strippers that have a citric stripper in them that is natural and great for the environment and worker, but also effective. Since you need to order it online though, make sure you do this long before you need the project to be finished.

Step 2 - Sand

Be sure to use safety goggles and gloves from here on in this project. Sanding the wood is important to get any thing off. Use a rag and water to wipe down the area first and then allow it to dry completely. You can use a hand sander to keep electricity out of the mix if you wish. This may take longer, but it much more eco-friendly.

Step 3 - Strip Wood

You can apply a thick and even layer of stripper onto the wood using a paint brush or rag. Check the label to see how long the stripper needs to sit there before being taken off. Typically it is anywhere from 5 minutes to 25. Natural strippers will often take longer to sit and work in because they do not have strong stripping chemicals in them. Be patient and keep in mind that you may need to do this several times.

Step 4 - Scrape off Stripper

After you have allowed the stripper to sit for several minutes or the allotted time, take a scraper and begin to scrape the wood. You will want to start in one corner and just work your way to the other end. You can usually get a lot off in the first try. However, usually you will need to repeat this twice or more. If that is the case, remove everything that you can and then wipe down with water again. Reapply a thick layer of stripper to the spots that need it and then allow to sit again. Use scrapper and repeat until finished.

Step 5 - Clean Area

You can find natural and eco-friendly wood cleaners everywhere. While they have a huge supply on the internet, they also carry them in many hardware and general stores now. Using a recycled rag and the natural cleaner, be sure to wipe down the wood completely to make sure you have gotten all of the stripper off.

Once you are finished, allow the wood to dry and sit for a few days before treating it.