Structural Sandwich Construction Structural Sandwich Construction

Structural sandwich construction is construction using composites of a special class. These are fabricated by attaching two thinner but extremely stiff outer skins to a thicker lightweight core.

In structural sandwich construction, the core material is constructed of a relatively low strength material. Because of its thickness, however, it adds the enhanced quality of a high bending stiffness and overall low density to the structural sandwich construction material.

Components of Structural Sandwich Construction Materials

The structural sandwich construction material, or composite sandwich, is made up of two parts. They are : (A) the constituent face sheets, otherwise known as skins, and (B) the honeycomb core, otherwise knows as the foam core.

Open and closed cell structural sandwich construction foam, balsa wood and syntactic foam, and composite honeycomb are the most commonly used core materials.

Recycled paper is being used as the skin, or face sheet over recycled honeycomb materials. This creates an environmentally friendly structural sandwich construction board.


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