Stucco Lath Application Tips

There is little difference to applying stucco to lath than there is to applying it to stone. The main points to watch out for are:

Fix Lath Securely

The lath must be securely fixed to the wall. Masonry nails are best for brick walls.


If the lath has large gaps it may be necessary to fill them to get a smooth and regular finish.

Dust Free

The lath must be well cleaned and dust free.

Bonding Agent

The lath must be coated with some form of bonding agent. Raw lath is likely to absorb too much moisture from the stucco mixture and cause cracking while it is drying.

Key Carefully

When scratching the first layer to create the key for the next layer, be careful that you don’t expose too much lath and create areas with little adhesive tension.

Applying a stucco exterior to lath gives you an even better chance to correct any problems with the wallby hiding them.